Who is CRAVE Cycling?
Crave Cycling is... a company that is obsessed with biking. Do you know those people that get up in the morning and the first thing they have to decide is how far they are going to ride, what route to take, what hill to attack, how many miles they can get in before work, and so on? That's Crave Cycling. We must ride!

Crave Cycling is also... passionate about design and the environment. We take sustainability into consideration in all aspects of our business without sacrificing style. Our goal is to provide riders with awesome jersey designs while respecting the earth.


How are your jerseys made and by who?
MADE IN THE USA. The fabric is constructed of 100% polyester micro denier yarns. These yarns make the fabric lightweight, providing breath-ability and durability, while giving the garment a soft, comfortable feel. Better yet the fabric is made right here in the US. The jerseys are sublimated using an eco-friendly water-soluble dye that will hold up in the wash, but is gentle to mother earth.

We have paired up with an environmentally conscious manufacturing company here in the US who prides itself on sustainability and having as little an impact on the environment as possible.

How do your jerseys fit?

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How does the Men's Club cut fit?
It's a relaxed cut fit with more room throughout the entire jersey. There is no elastic band around the bottom of the jersey for a more comfortable fit. 

How does the Women’s Club cut fit?
It's a relaxed cut designed for the shape of a woman. The waist is narrower and there is more room in the chest and hips. There is no tight elastic band around the bottom of the jersey for a more comfortable fit. The front of the jersey is shorter than the back.

How does the Race cut fit (Men's and Women's)?
It's design is form fitting throughout the body and specifically created with the racers needs in mind. The Race cut is aerodynamic, but still comfortable and fits your body perfectly in the riding position.